Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Invitations - The Pretty Little Workhorse

You've chosen your colors, you've chosen the venue, now it's time for you to choose your invitations. Invitations are the pretty little workhorses of your event. They communicate vital information beyond when and where - they set the tone for what's to come. Whether it's a garden reception for fifty, or a gala at The Plaza for five hundred, your friends and family will begin to get a sense of what to expect by the type of invitation you send.

There are myriad options, from paper color to printing styles, and brides today are redefining tradition. Etiquette advisors say that traditional paper shades for formal invitations range from ivory to white. This isn't necessarily true any more. Contemporary brides are taking cues from other aspects of their lives and creating invitations that serve to brand their event. Injecting your personal style into the invitations the new tradition.

So what do you do if you're overwhelmed with decisions about cakes and dresses and flowers? The best place to begin is your own home. Take a look around at the lovely things you've collected over the years, photos from trips you've taken, or even the clothes you already own. Bring the things that are precious to you into your event. I recently attended a wedding in which the bride and groom had small framed photos of themselves placed throughout the mansion where they were hosting the reception. It was a simple and elegant way to personalize the space for themselves, and it allowed them to share some beautiful and candid moments with their guests. This subtle touch was introduced in the invitation, which was framed and nested in a lovely keepsake box. Upon receiving this invitation, guests knew that they were in for a magical day.

No matter what the scale or tone of your wedding, its your wedding. Making your special day personal and memorable begins with custom invitations. Work with a good designer who will listen and collaborate with you, and you'll have beautiful invitations that convey more than just the time and place, they will tease your guests with the glorious delights to come.

Kelly Koeppel is an award-winning designer and owner of k2forma. For more information, visit